Tuesday, May 13, 2014

PS4 V PC Graphics Comparison

Power is another reason why a console does not use the most powerful GPU available. Video game consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation One will have a maximum power consumption of about 300 watts while gaming computers can have high end power supplies reaches 1000W . This type of power generates a lot of heat to remove this heat and requires a large case to house the power source and manage the flow of air . To add to this , it would be necessary to use loud fans and the resultant combination of size , heat and noise would be unacceptable in the family environment in which the PlayStation 4 may be used. The PC game is often a specialized piece of hardware that is used in a more dedicated location such as a games room or bedroom , where these issues are more acceptable . In addition , the electricity used to power a PS4 is not free and with rising energy prices to consumers are becoming more aware of what an item cost consumer electronics to function. 1000W console simply would not sell in sufficient numbers to warrant its development budget .

The last factor is cost. Powerful processors, large power supplies and large decks with large heatsinks and fans needed to deal with the heat generated by a powerful gaming PC cost money. Building and releasing a console these specifications would result in a sale price too high to generate the sales needed to make it an acceptable business model . Computers for high end games , probably sold in much smaller amounts , but the highest price of the equipment , including graphics cards , enables this niche sector to continue.

In conclusion, the Sony PS4 and PC games to operate in two different areas of the market . The technology used in computer graphics is the state of the art , in the limits of existing semiconductor technology . The form factor , upgradeability , power supplies and demands of consumers simply the best available technology allowed. That's why it is not possible to have a console that can outperform a PC.


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