Thursday, July 11, 2013

Best Gaming - Demon's Forge

It has two characters - Caddoc and E'lara. Both are capable of using weapons of war, but Caddoc is stronger in melee and is able to use axes and swords that have much larger power. Do not worry, E'lara has not been interrupted by any means, that specializes in super-fast shooting bows, which by the way, Caddoc can not use.

You can unlock the characters special abilities as the game progresses currency by spending glass to collect throughout the game. For example, Caddoc can lift enemies into the air, making it easy for E'lara to aim and shoot. E'lara can use ice and explosive arrows, which is a great crowd control.

Sure, you can play the game solo, but when you do, your partner will not do what you want them to do and no system of command. I think the game is much better when playing co-op, which is available via split screen and online.

The story is not the best there is, but it's still good. History shows an alliance of the creatures that form a group for reasons that do not know, until the end. They are taking tons of slaves of ancient ruin - Caddoc and E'lara do not know why. These two have been hired to save the mayor's daughter, who has been taken. Caddoc E'lara are pretty interesting one - Caddoc's afraid of creepy spiders, while E'lara is impulsive and constantly competing for most deaths go head.