Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mastering Red Crucible 2

Travel in vehicle whenever possible, as it is more difficult to destroy and shortens the travel time. If friendly travel together by tanks and helicopters, the helicopters must cover the tanks. The drivers of the tanks are exposed to threats can be seen from above. A helicopter can use the sun as a cover, increasingly difficult to detect.

Success in Red Crucible 2 requires attention

Helicopters are often the first victims found during the game. They are faster than tanks and remain above the line of sight. Keep an eye on the sky while battling enemies on the ground. If in the open, not attacking a helicopter. To do this, from a covered position, as behind a bush, building or vehicle. An effective trick is to attack helicopters behind an empty vehicle. My enemies are confused and instead of attack me, attack the vehicle that goeth before me.

To detect and attack targets, using different viewpoints. Driver, gunner, focus, and views in third person it easier to locate the targets and attack. Never shoot without a goal to reach, because an enemy miles away can detect missile or projectile. Sounds of gunfire also reveal a hidden spot an enemy.

Although this is a shooting game, sometimes is better not attacking. If a target is difficult to destroy, turn around and find a most appropriate target. Further progress towards the enemy base, establishing an offensive position. Keep moving while attacking and navigate from a covered position to another. Follow these tips for you as it will help you win!